Submagic – Create Viral Shorts with AI B-Roll





"Create Viral Shorts with AI B-Roll"


Submagic lets you create an entire b-roll video with a single click. Magic B-Rolls + auto captions + many styles. You be-rolling.


  • 1-click b-rolls
  • Diversity of styles
  • Auto-subtitles accuracy


  • Limited styles
  • Occasional hiccups in b-rolls
  • Slow auto b-roll creation

What is Submagic?

Submagic is an AI video editor where you can create beautiful, social-media ready b-roll viral shorts with one click.

Our Verdict — Best AI B-Roll Creator

The Best Part:

  • One-click b-roll magic. With the “Magic B-rolls” button, you can add b-roll footage to your videos with a single click. You have thousands of free b-roll videos to choose from.

The Worst Part:

  • Limited selection. When you start creating tons of content, you’ll start to have to reuse the same b-roll options. 

Get it if you want to spice up your videos with automated b-roll footage.

(free plan)

Best For

Submagic is best for anyone who wants to add b-roll vibes into their videos.

Top Features

  • Visual appealing videos. With sexy b-roll footage, engaging subtitles, and dynamic camera work, your videos will instantly become more engaging.

  • Intuitive interface. Even though Submagic is a powerful tool that can do a lot of different things, the interface is simple enough to make it a breeze.

  • Multi-language support. Submagic supports 48+ languages, for you to caption your videos and get some international followers.

  • Accurate AI-Powered captions. Submagic is incredibly accurate on its subtitles, even if your video is full of background noise and has many different speakers.

  • Make it your own. Choose from a ton of different preset styles, or create your own visual styles to make your videos pop.

Is Submagic free?

Submagic offers a limited free plan that lets you upload videos of up to two minutes long, and subtitle up to 20 videos per month.

What does Submagic do?

Submagic is an AI tool that allows content creators to create dynamic, engaging b-rolls and captions for their short-form videos. Transitions, auto-zooms, sound effects, auto descriptions… Everything to make your videos pop.

How to get rid of Submagic watermark?

To remove Submagic’s watermarks, upgrade to a paid plan.

How do I add subtitles to a video?

To add subtitles to a short video, you can use Submagic. This AI-powered tool generates sexy captions for your videos in under two minutes.

What do customers love about Submagic?

  • The ability of Submagic’s natural language processing algorithms to create accurate captions and accurate transcriptions
  • Having auto descriptions made for all of their videos
  • Access to many trendy templates
  • Turning bland videos into captivating short form content, to get way more viewer engagement from their video marketing efforts
  • Enjoying incredible AI-generated captions with keyword highlighting, always picking the perfect emojis, for the most effortless captioning experience ever
  • Reaching a broader audience and removing language barriers with artificial intelligence driven translation
  • Having a valuable tool to make their video editing process much easier, by automatically creating b-rolls and amazing captions
  • Spicing up old videos with captions, making accessible content for their followers, with the help of an AI-powered tool
  • How easy it makes for busy content creators to make their social media content pop
  • The content accuracy that this innovative platform is able to reach in its captioning process
  • How complete this must-have tool for content creators is, with so many standout features
  • Budget-conscious users enjoy this intuitive platform as a cost-efficient alternative
  • Creating custom templates to always keep it on brand

The Bottom Line

Submagic lets you:

  • Create automated b-roll footage with a single click.
  • Add automatic, dynamic captions to your videos.
  • Create translated subtitles to 48+ languages.

You can get started with the free plan.


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