Synthesys – All-in-One AI Content Studio





"All-in-One AI Content Studio"


Synthesys lets you create all types of content, quick and easy. AI voices + AI videos + voice cloning + custom avatars. All the content you’ll ever need.


  • All-in-one AI toolbox
  • Great overall content quality
  • Works in many languages


  • Human AI is still not 100%
  • Potential of misuse
  • Could get pricey with scale

What is Synthesys?

Synthesys is an AI content generator where you can generate all kinds of media for your projects.

Our Verdict — Best All-in-One AI Content Studio

The Best Part:

  • Full blown AI studio. Synthesys lets you generate all kinds of synthetic media: videos, audio, images… easy, quick, and cheap.

The Worst Part:

  • Free plan limitation. You can only use the free plan for personal usage — if you want to use it commercially, you’ll have to get a paid plan.

Get it if you want to generate all types of media for your work.

(free plan)

Best For

Synthesys is best for creators, coaches, businesses, and anyone who wants to generate videos, voiceovers, and images from text.

Top Features

  • Your voice actor. Give Synthesys a script, get a voiceover. Its “AI Voices” feature lets you pick a language, accent, gender, age, mood, and more.

  • AI humans. If you want your scripts to become talking-head videos, you can pick multiple avatars to deliver a video that would cost you a fortune, if you were to hire a voice actor and production company.

  • AI images. Whether you need images for ads, for your articles, your products, social media… Generate images at will, with lots of flexibility.

  • Custom avatars. Create a custom avatar in three minutes, and have yourself or your clients always ready to shoot a new video.

  • Voice cloning. Clone your voice to record AI-generated podcasts, voiceovers, and videos — especially when coupled to a custom avatar.

What is Synthesys AI?

Synthesys AI is a cutting-edge platform that will revolutionize how you create content, thanks to artificial intelligence. AI images, videos, voice overs, voice cloning, AI dubbing, AI video translator… Sky’s the limit.

Is Synthesys AI studio free?

You can enjoy Synthesys AI studio on the house, with their free plan — some limits apply.

How much does Synthesys text-to-speech cost?

Synthesys AI’s paid plans start at $29.99/month.

What do customers love about Synthesys?

  • The 400+ ultra-realistic human voices for every content creation need
  • Experiencing a seamless learning curve with Synthesys' clean interface and high-quality training videos
  • Creating compelling videos in minutes with AI-powered video generation and realistic voice options
  • Not having extra costs for high-quality voiceovers and unlimited videos
  • Enjoying cutting-edge voice technology and customizable voices, for a personalized consumer experience
  • Generating realistic avatars and avatar clips for a more visually captivating content creation experience
  • Being able to rely on Synthesys' dedicated support team, which ensures a smooth journey, without any deceptive hype-based marketing
  • How content creation professionals can streamline their workflows with Synthesys' built-in features
  • Generating captions in minutes, thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Unlocking the power of creating content in batches, creating efficient campaigns within minutes
  • High-quality videos and static images are a given
  • Synthesys’ AI-generated voices and avatar options, which bring a new level of realism to AI videos

The Bottom Line

Synthesys lets you:

  • Create digital avatars to present your videos.
  • Create voice overs for all your needs.
  • Clone your voice and your likeness into AI.

You can get started with a free plan.


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