Tome AI – Personalize Pitch Decks Using AI

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"Personalize Pitch Decks Using AI"


Tome AI lets you create visually appealing presentation decks with ease. Beautiful design + 1-click presentations + generative AI. Elevate your pitches.


  • Beautiful slides
  • 1-click presentations
  • Fine tune with AI


  • Overly visual
  • Content structuring
  • Eventual content glitches

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI is an AI-based automated presentation tool where you can create visually appealing slide decks within a few clicks.

Our Verdict — Best AI Presentation Tool

The Best Part:

  • It saves time. With just a simple prompt, Tome generates a presentation outline and spits out four variations of each and every page, for you to choose the one you like best.

The Worst Part:

  • Content structuring. While Tome’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking, sometimes I feel like it lacks flexibility to structure how the content shows on your slide decks.

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Best For

Tome AI is best for entrepreneurs, content creators, educators, consultants, and anyone who wants to create beautiful presentations without too much effort.

Top Features

  • Prompt and go. Tome’s AI helps you get a presentation that shines, giving you multiple options and the ability to tweak anything, on the fly.

  • Docs into presentations. Upload your documents into Tome’s interface, and have it convert them into a structured presentation… just one click away.

  • Fine tune your show. Have Tome rewrite text, tweak your tone, or to make your presentation shorter, for example… through the power of AI.

  • Embed away. You can embed any type of web content within your presentations, with no effort whatsoever.

  • One-pager magic. With the single-page feature, you can create quick presentations with just a few clicks and tweaks.

What is Tome AI used for?

Tome AI is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes, making it suitable for various professionals and industries. 

Entrepreneurs can leverage Tome AI to create captivating pitch decks for investors or impressive sales presentations. Content creators can use Tome AI for creating visually stunning presentations. Educators can revolutionize the way they deliver their lessons. Consultants can craft professional and persuasive presentations for their clients.

What is the free AI that creates PowerPoint presentations?

You can create stunning presentations for free with Tome AI.

Is Tome AI safe to use?

Yes, Tome AI is a safe app to use.

Is Tome AI free?

Yes, Tome AI offers a free plan for users to get started with creating their presentations. with some limitations compared to the paid plans. For example, the number of presentations you can create may be limited, and there may be restrictions on certain advanced features.

What do customers love about Tome AI?

  • Creating compelling presentations for their sales team
  • Saving precious time with the help of an AI-powered tool full of advanced capabilities
  • Having a friendlier experience than most other presentation apps 
  • Relying on Tome’s AI natural processing language powers to juice up their business presentations and other content pieces that have a pivotal role on their businesses
  • Enjoying the extra power that comes with their enterprise plans
  • Building custom templates with their own branding

The Bottom Line

Tome AI lets you:

  • Create presentations with almost no effort at all.
  • Turn old documents into beautiful presentations.
  • Save a ton of time and money with designers.

You can get started with the free plan.


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