DeepSwap: Best Deepfake App? (2023 Review)

by Chris Von Wilpert • Last updated June 8, 2023

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"Make face swap videos in 1 sec"

DeepSwap lets you create convincing deepfake videos, photos, and GIFs. Butter-smooth user interface, lighting speeds, and jaw-dropping quality.

What is DeepSwap?

DeepSwap is a deepfake software that can create realistic deepfakes, quick and easy. It is able to reface videos, pictures, and GIFs. You can even deepswap porn.

Face swap models

Face swap porn

Our Verdict — Best Deepfake Software

Price: Starts at $9.99/month

The Best Part:

  • It’s undetectable to the naked eye. DeepSwap’s deepfakes are so good and natural that your friends won’t believe their eyes. Almost perfect.

The Worst Part:

  • I’m not a fan of credit based systems. DeepSwap gives you 20 credits per month, with each credit allowing you to upload 15 seconds worth of video or gifs. Wouldn’t it be better to say “hey, here’s 5 minutes per month”?

Get it if you want to create convincing deepfakes, with the help of a very smart AI.

I recommend you give DeepSwap a try with the two free face swaps offer, then sign up for Premium Yearly at $49.99/year for the first year.

(two free face swaps)

Best For

DeepSwap is best for anyone who wants to create convincing deepfakes, without the pain of doing it on their own.

Top Features

  • Lighting fast. DeepSwap is freaking fast — still images are done in just one second, while videos take from a few seconds to a few minutes, all with the quality that only DeepSwap can deliver.
  • Unlimited swaps. DeepSwap lets you upload as many still images as you want. Although DeepSwap’s video and GIF uploads are a tad limited, once you’ve uploaded an asset, you’re free to create as many deepfakes as you wish, no holds barred.
  • Incredible value for newcomers. New users are eligible for a 50% discount on their first term, which means you can get an entire month or even a year worth of deepfakes for great value.
  • No content restrictions. There are no content filters or limitations. You can create deepfakes on videos, GIFs, and photos… even if the content is NSFW.
  • Throw a deepfake party. Deepswap can swap up to 6 faces in a single clip, with the same quality and speed.


DeepSwap offers two pricing plans:

  • 1 month: $9.99/month for the first month, then 19.99/month.
  • 12 months: $49.99/year for the first year, then 99.99/year.
Try DeepSwap today with unlimited swaps.

Is DeepSwap legit?

Yes, 100% legit. Not only does it offer amazing quality, but it’s also fast and offers an incredible deal for new users. It’s incredibly easy to create a high quality deepfake video in a few minutes with DeepSwap.

Are deepfake sites legal?

The legality of deepfake sites, or websites that allow users to create and share deepfakes, may vary by jurisdiction. 

In general, the creation and sharing of deepfakes is not illegal unless it involves defamation, harassment, fraud, or other illegal activities. Even so, there are potential ethical and privacy concerns associated with deepfakes, and some jurisdictions have implemented laws or regulations to address these issues.

It is important to use reputable platforms and tools that prioritize safety and security, and to avoid using platforms that may be engaging in unethical or illegal activities. It’s important to use deepfake technology responsibly and to be aware of the potential risks associated with it.

What is the AI for face changing?

The AI for face changing, also known as face swapping or deepfake technology, is a type of artificial intelligence that uses deep learning algorithms to manipulate images or videos. 

This technology is often used to create realistic face swaps, where one person's face is replaced with another person's face in a video or image.

Face swapping can be achieved using various platforms and tools, such as dedicated online face swap software, deepfake generators, or all-in-one AI video generators. These platforms often utilize internal algorithms that are designed to create high-quality and realistic face swaps.

How much is DeepSwap?

DeepSwap offers two pricing plans:

  • 1 month: $9.99/month for the first month, then 19.99/month.
  • 12 months: $49.99/year for the first year, then 99.99/year.

What can be done with deepfake?

Deepfake technology allows for realistic face swaps and movie role refacing, which can be used for gender swaps, celebrity face swaps, or creating compelling face swap photos and funny face swaps. 

There are some online deepfake tools and apps that are accessible on social media platforms and mobile devices, making it easier for video makers to create high-quality face swap videos. It’s always important to consider the ethical implications of using deepfake technology, as it can be used for malicious purposes like creating fake content or spreading disinformation.

The Bottom Line

DeepSwap lets you:

  • Make realistic deepfake videos, photos, and GIFs.
  • Render your deepfakes at lightning speeds.
  • Get jaw-dropping quality from every upload.

You can get started with two free deepfakes.

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