7 Best Deepfake Voice Generators 2024 (Fake Your Voice)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated June 4, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

Today there are 107 different deepfake voice generators. We spent 40 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to create fake voices.

What is the Best Deepfake Voice Generator?

  1. Lovo.ai — best of the best
  2. Murf — best for cloning voices 
  3. Synthesys — best for video making 
  4. Speechify — best for text-to-speech 
  5. Speechelo — best for voice overs 
  6. Descript — best for editing audio 
  7. FakeYou — best for voice cloning

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $25/month

Lovo.ai is the best, most realistic deepfake voice tool. We think it’s the best because of its incredibly realistic outputs, wide variety of voice options, and user-friendly interface.

The Best Part:

  • It’s as real as it gets. Lovo.ai produces crystal clear sound that sounds really natural. This makes it a cut above the rest if you're looking to create convincing deepfake voices.

The Worst Part:

  • Limited voices. Lovo.ai focuses on quality over quantity, which means there are only a few voices available for each language. However, you can always upload custom voices for your deepfakes.

Get it if you want a high-tech AI tool to generate deepfake voices that are so real, people will never know it’s fake.

I recommend you get started with the 14-day free trial, then get the Basic plan for $25/month.

(14-day free trial)

Best For

Lovo.ai is best for anyone who wants a versatile tool to create lifelike synthetic voices, whether it's for personal or professional use.

Top Features

  • Realistic human voices. With Lovo, you can create synthetic speech so lifelike it could fool your grandma! Just pick or upload a voice and watch Lovo spit out a flawless clone reading out anything you type.

  • Multiple language support. You can create voice deepfakes in any of the 100+ languages available in Lovo's library.

  • Add pauses strategically. Make use of strategic pauses within your text-to-speech conversions giving listeners enough time to digest what they've heard before moving on.

  • Tweak odd words. Help Lovo’s generative AI pronounce tricky words correctly using Pronunciation Editor — no more awkward mispronunciations ruining otherwise flawless deepfakes.

  • Control speech speed. Sometimes timing really is everything. Lovo lets you adjust how fast or slow the AI speaks using the handy "Speed" control feature.


Lovo.ai offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for those just starting to explore the realm of deepfake voice generation and what Lovo.ai can do.
  • Basic: $25/month for individuals or small creators who want to generate high-quality deepfake voices without stretching their budget too thin.
  • Pro: $36/month for the first month, then $48/month for professionals and businesses that require more comprehensive features and greater usage capacity in creating realistic synthetic voices.
  • Pro +: $149/month for heavy-duty users or large teams who need unrestricted access to all Lovo.ai's capabilities in generating lifelike artificial voices.

Annual subscriptions provide up to a 50% discount.

Try Lovo.ai today with a free 14-day trial.

2. Murf

Our Verdict — Best For Cloning Voices

Price: Starts at $29/month

Murf is a cutting-edge voiceover platform that excels at cloning voices. We think it’s the best for cloning voices because of its unique AI voice changer feature, ability to clone raw audio recordings into AI voices, and user-friendly interface.

The Best Part:

  • It’s a one-stop shop for voiceovers. Murf Studio is your go-to place for creating killer deepfake voices — with a ton of voices in loads of languages, easy customization, and the ability to mix in your own videos or music… You get everything you need under one roof!

The Worst Part:

  • It struggles in portraying emotions. Murf sometimes struggles when expressing the right emotions, which can be an issue if you're looking for deepfake voice generator that can nail every emotional nuance in your script.

Get it if you want an easy and affordable way to transform your own voice or any recording into high-quality, professional-sounding AI voice that can create killer voiceovers, without needing fancy equipment or studios.

I recommend you get started with the Free plan, then get the Pro subscription for $39/month.

(free plan)

Best For

Murf is best for podcasters, video creators, and digital marketers who need to clone their voices to create content without recording a single word.

Top Features

  • Redo raw recordings. Got a low quality audio recording? No problem! Upload it on Murf Studio and watch as it recreates your audio with studio quality output, in the artificial voice of your choice.

  • Customizable speech. Want your message delivered just right? Adjust pitch, emphasis, and punctuation in Murf Studio until every word hits the mark!

  • Add multimedia elements. Mix things up by syncing your generated voice overs with AI videos, images, or music, all within Murf Studio.

  • Work as a team. Working on a team project that involves deepfake voices? The Collaborative Workspace feature allows multiple users to work together seamlessly on the same project.

  • Ultra-realistic extra voices. Murf’s preset voices aren't your run-of-the-mill robotic tones; they're as smooth as butter and can fool even the sharpest ears into thinking they're listening to a human speaker.


Murf offers four pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever, for beginners who want to explore voiceover generation with access to all 120+ voices and up to 10 minutes of usage.
  • Basic: $29/month for individuals who need essential features such as unlimited downloads, a collaborative workspace, commercial usage rights, and support via chat & email. 
  • Pro: $39/month for creators and professionals who want to generate high-quality deepfake voices with additional benefits such as Murf’s AI Voice Changer feature and priority support.
  • Enterprise: $99/month for businesses that require collaboration features and unlimited access along with a dedicated account manager and single sign-on option.

Annual plans provide a 33% discount.

Try Murf today with the free plan.

Our Verdict — Best For Video Making

Price: Starts at $35/month

Synthesys is a cutting-edge deepfake voice generator that is perfect for video makers. We think it’s the best for video making because of its versatile audio and video generation capabilities, wide range of voices and languages, and user-friendly interface.

The Best Part:

  • Incredible variety in voices. Synthesys provides an extensive library of different voices and accents that can work for any project or audience you have in mind. It's like having a whole cast of voice actors at your fingertips!

The Worst Part:

  • Inconsistent emotional accuracy. Even though Synthesys is generally on the ball, there are instances where the generated voice doesn't quite sync with the facial expressions and emotions in your video content.

Get it if you want an all-in-one tool for creating deepfake voices and videos in one place.

I recommend you get the Audio and Human Studio Synthesys plan for $65/month.

Best For

Synthesys is best for video creators who want a one-stop shop for generating deepfake voices and videos.

Top Features

  • Deploy an army of digital doppelgängers. Enhance your ads, training, and other tasks by deploying virtual clones that have your face and voice.

  • Produce unlimited content. There are no caps on how much content you can generate with Synthesys — sky’s the limit!

  • Enjoy high-resolution output. Sleep easy knowing your final product will be crisp and clear, adding a professional touch to your deepfake content.

  • It supports plenty of languages. With over 145+ languages available, reaching international audiences and creating deepfakes in foreign languages has never been easier.

  • Create dynamic visuals. Don't sweat over finding video actors or recording one yourself; use Synthesys AI-powered tool to produce engaging videos featuring virtual, human-like speakers reading your generated deepfake voiceovers.


Synthesys offers three pricing plans:

  • Audio Synthesys: $35/month for content creators who primarily need high-quality deepfake voice overs in a wide range of languages and voices.
  • Human Studio Synthesys: $45/month for video makers who want to create lifelike spokesperson videos with lip-synching technology.
  • Audio and Human Studio Synthesys: $65/month for creators who want an all-in-one solution for creating both deepfake voices and videos seamlessly.

Annual subscriptions provide a 20% discount.

Try Synthesys today with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. Lovo.ai — best of the best
  2. Murf — best for cloning voices 
  3. Synthesys — best for video making

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



14-day free trial

Starts at $25/mo


Free plan

Starts at $29/mo


7-day money-back guarantee

Starts at $35/mo


3-day free trial

Starts at $29/mo


60-day money-back guarantee



Free plan

Starts at $15/mo


Free trial

Starts at $7/mo

Here are the top 50 deepfake voice generators we considered in this review:

  1. Lovo.ai
  2. Murf
  3. Synthesys
  4. Speechify
  5. Speechelo
  6. Descript
  7. FakeYou
  8. Respeecher
  9. Play.ht
  10. Listnr
  11. Google Text-to-Speech
  12. Amazon Polly
  13. IBM Watson Text to Speech
  14. Microsoft Azure Text to Speech
  15. iSpeech
  16. Acapela Group
  17. Natural Reader
  18. CereProc
  19. Nuance Communications
  20. Neospeech
  21. ReadSpeaker
  22. Voice RSS
  23. Voxygen
  24. Lyrebird AI (acquired by Descript)
  25. Baidu Text-to-Speech
  26. TTSMP3
  27. Balabolka
  28. Speakonia
  29. From Text to Speech
  30. Panopreter
  31. Text2Speech.org
  32. Text2Speech.io
  33. Voice Maker
  34. Voicebooking.com
  35. Linguatec Voice Reader
  36. ttsreader.com
  37. Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader
  38. Notevibes
  39. AudioBookMaker
  40. TextSpeech Pro
  41. Ivona
  42. Festival Speech Synthesis System
  43. eSpeak
  44. ResponsiveVoice
  45. Clonezilla
  46. VocaliD
  47. Voicery
  48. Voki
  49. Verby
  50. Spik.ai

What is the most realistic voice generator?

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the most realistic voice generators is Lovo.ai. It leverages natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks to generate high-quality, natural-sounding voices. Unlike regular voice overs, Lovo.ai’s technology utilizes real voice recordings to train its models, enabling the creation of lifelike voices that sound just like a real person. Its rich library of voices, encompassing various voice types, from female voices to deep voices, provides a wide range of customization options. Moreover, Lovo.ai boasts granular control over voice styles, and its deep voice software can even mimic the voices of celebrities. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of applications, from educational and training videos to the entertainment industry and beyond, particularly for those on a tight budget seeking natural-sounding speech.

What is the best character AI voice generator?

When it comes to character AI voice generators, Murf stands out for its custom voice capabilities. Utilizing cutting-edge voice cloning technology, Murf can generate unique and personalized character voices for video games, animations, and more. This technology uses neural networks and deep learning techniques to analyze original voice recordings, clone them, and generate new speech in the cloned voice. This tool offers a wide variety of customization options, allowing users to fine-tune the voices to suit their character needs. The voice generation time is impressively short, with minutes of audio generated within a matter of seconds. Users can opt for premium plans for more extensive options and capabilities.

Can you deep fake voices?

Absolutely, you can deep fake voices using a variety of online tools and software, such as deepfake audio software. These tools use advanced AI and deep learning techniques to analyze the nuances of a person's voice from an input audio recording and create a voice model. This model can then be used to generate new speech that sounds like the original voice. These deepfake tools offer a wide array of applications, from creating voice overs for social media videos to mimicking celebrity voices for entertainment purposes. However, it's crucial to use these tools ethically and responsibly, respecting the privacy and consent of the individuals whose voices are being cloned.

How to create an audio deepfake?

Creating an audio deepfake involves a few steps, much like it is with creating an image deepfake

First, you need a deepfake tool or software, such as Lovo.ai, Murf, or Synthesys. You'll then need an audio recording of the person whose voice you want to clone. The tool uses this input audio to train a neural network to mimic the voice. After training, you can input any text, and the software will generate an audio clip in the cloned voice. The quality of the cloned voice can be improved by providing more audio samples. It's crucial to note that using deepfake technology to clone a voice without the person's consent is considered unethical and could be illegal.

What AI voice generator is everyone using on TikTok?

Many TikTok users use synthetic voice generators to add voice overs to their videos. Recently, Lovo.ai has gained popularity on this social media platform due to its powerful algorithm, natural-sounding voices and customization options. The software provides users with a library of voices, including various voice styles and even celebrity voices. Its easy-to-use interface, coupled with the ability to generate high-quality voices on a tight budget, makes it an ideal tool for TikTokers looking to create engaging and entertaining AI generated content.

How can a deepfake voice generator help me with my videos?

When you clone your voice so that you can generate voice overs with text-to-speech tech, you save time with two different things: First, you don’t have to record the entire thing, as the voice is generated by the AI. Second, you don’t even need a $300 microphone in order to get incredible audio, because the deepfake voice generator app of your choice will do it for you. Say bye-bye to all those apps that enhance audio in videos.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best deepfake voice generators to try this year:

  1. Lovo.ai — best of the best
  2. Murf — best for cloning voices 
  3. Synthesys — best for video making 
  4. Speechify — best for text-to-speech 
  5. Speechelo — best for voice overs 
  6. Descript — best for editing audio
  7. FakeYou — best for voice cloning


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