How to Upscale Videos to 4K/8K (Works for Low-res Videos)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated March 30, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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In this post I’m going to show you how to upscale a video in less than 3 minutes, in a way that looks as good as this:

Here are the exact steps to do it:

1. Import Your Video to HitPaw

Open HitPaw Video Enhancer. Click on 'Import Video File' or drag and drop your file into the designated area.

2. Select an AI Model

Choose an AI model that best fits your video.

Note: Along with 'Face Model', 'General Denoise Model', and ‘Animation Model’, you can also explore additional models by clicking on 'Add Model'.

3. Preview Your Video

Click on 'Preview' to see a snippet of the output before exporting your upscaled video.

4. Export Your Video

Hit the 'Export' button and wait for the video to be generated.

That’s it!

Video Upscaling Examples

Here are some examples of upscaled videos I created following the above steps:

Can you upscale a 1080p video to 4k?

Yes, upscaling a 1080p video to 4K is possible with the help of advanced software tools, such as HitPaw Video Enhancer. HitPaw is an AI-powered app designed to enhance a video’s resolution and quality effortlessly, even when you're a complete stranger to video editing. All you need to do is to select your target resolution in the export settings before you get it going.

This user-friendly app lets you upscale low-resolution videos smoothly, while maintaining original aspect ratios and frame rates. The videos you upscale will work perfectly on larger, high-definition screens, especially when you upscale to 4K. 

The best part is that HitPaw's intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to get it going from the first go, regardless of editing expertise — import a video to HitPaw, pick an upscaling model, and watch it do its magic.

How do I upscale a pixelated video?

To upscale a pixelated video, you need video upscaling software that employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques. Such software is designed to enhance the visual quality of your videos by filling in missing details and reducing or eliminating artifacts caused by low resolution or compression.

Some of the most popular video upscaling applications are HitPaw Video Enhancer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Each of these programs offers unique advantages, and HitPaw holds the ‘easiest to use’ position among the three.

HitPaw takes away the hassle of manually trying to fix and edit pixelation issues. It intelligently analyzes each frame's content and applies sophisticated interpolation methods, with its deep learning models, which were trained on high-quality footage. 

As a result, HitPaw reconstructs finer details that might have been lost due to compression or low-resolution, giving once pixelated videos a completely new look.

How do I upscale a video and picture?

If you're dealing with low-quality videos and images that just don't look good on larger screens or high-definition displays, HitPaw has got your back. They offer tools like the HitPaw Video Enhancer for upscaling videos, for you to get rid of pesky pixelation issues.

The great thing about HitPaw Video Enhancer is that it's designed to make your video files look better without messing up their aspect ratios or frame rates. This means you can enjoy smooth playback across all devices while still getting an improved visual experience. A plus is, when it comes to fixing blurry photos, HitPaw’s AI Image Upscaler works its magic by filling in missing details using advanced deep learning models trained on high-quality images.

For those who are always on-the-go and prefer mobile solutions, there's also a handy app called AI Marvels, which is available for both iPhone and Android users. It offers similar functionality as its desktop counterpart, and it allows you to upscale images directly from your smartphone or tablet device anytime, anywhere.

What do users love about upscaling video?

  • Access to AI video tools like HitPaw, Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI, and Boris FX for high-quality video upscaling
  • Custom resolutions and powerful software options for professional editors
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms provide sharpness and clarity to videos, turning 720p into stunning HD or 4K
  • Advanced interpolation and adaptive pixel scaling algorithms for superior image quality
  • Quick and efficient upscaling process, even if you have zero tech expertise
  • Ability to increase resolution without compromising video quality, thanks to advanced AI technology
  • Support for a wide range of output video formats, catering to various display technologies
  • Sequence settings and presets save time and improve workflow for video editors
  • Plug-ins like Boris FX Continuum (previously Boris FX Uprez) add professional-grade visual effects and motion graphics seamlessly
  • Upscaling tools support footage from a variety of cameras, including lower-resolution mobile phones and compact cameras
  • Standalone software and online tools offer solutions for both seasoned editors and casual users
  • Motion interpolation for smoother motion in upscaled videos
  • Supports upscaling for a wide array of video content, from basic home videos to professional film projects
  • Capable of processing large video libraries efficiently with faster processing technologies
  • Detailed control over video attributes and upscaling resolution with manual adjustment options
  • Ability to set preferred formats and scale factors, offering custom solutions tailored to user needs

What is the best software to upscale video?

We ranked and reviewed the best video upscaling apps in this article.

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