7 Best AI Video Maker Software of 2022 (50 Tools Reviewed)

Last Updated on April 11th, 2022 by Chris Von Wilpert

Do you want to get seen by your customers? Then, it's no longer a choice: you need to create video content.

Today, 83% of all internet traffic is video traffic... and 69% of customers would rather watch a short video than read text or view images, to learn about a product or service.

Video content gets more organic reach than any other type of post, and most online publishers heavily rely on social networks to bring traffic. But creating video is not only hard work... it can also get very expensive.

That's why we spent 64 hours comparing the top 50 to find the best AI video makers you can use this year, to create video without all the trouble, ranked by our top picks.

What is the Best AI Video Maker?

Here are my top picks for the best AI video makers to save time and money creating and editing your videos for both organic and paid traffic.

🥇 GliaStudio

Best Of The Best AI Video Maker Software

My #1 pick is GliaStudio by Gliacloud because it's packed with possibilities and their video style feels like something you'd watch on the news.

If you want to make videos but don't want to spend hours creating them, or pay $1,000 per video... GliaStudio is the AI video maker for you.

You can create quick videos from content, from URLs, from templates... Just open their options menu and you will find at least 3-5 options you can use to create great videos, right away.

They even offer interesting data analytics services, so you can see how your videos are performing with consumer feedback.

Although the videos aren't gonna be as sophisticated as a $1,000 per hour video editor would do, they speak the language of the internet, with bite-sized teasers that drive traffic back to your site.

Your social media profiles will love these videos!

Who It’s For

GliaStudio is best for business owners who want to leverage their content marketing in other channels, and take advantage of the incredible summarization power of this product, to generate social videos that kicks ass on your social media platforms.

Top Features

  • Free test drive to create and test videos (up to $150 in Google Cloud Platform consumption or a 14-day trial period, whatever comes first.)
  • Create killer videos from existing content by pasting the full text or even just a URL... It can even add automatic AI-powered voice-overs, with very authentic voices. Talk about easy!
  • Edit your videos with advanced effects so you can split test different versions, or make it to your liking. You can generate videos in square, vertical, and landscape formats for your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more.
  • Work from anywhere - with their online video editor, you'll do everything from your browser, including editing videos.
  • Create both news-like videos and marketing videos so you have a consistent communication throughout social media and your funnel.


GliaCloud offers three different pricing plans for GliaStudio.

  • Pro:$300 per month for individuals who need up to 50 videos per month, in 720p.
  • Business: $550 per month for individuals who need up to 100 videos per month, in full HD.
  • Custom: Customized solution for those who need mass video production.

Get started with GliaStudio today.

🥈 Rephrase.ai

Best For Personalized Sales Follow Ups

Rephrase.ai's "Personalized Videos" product is my #2 pick because it's incredible for creating massive sales personalization.

You type any piece of text, and it will turn it into a talking head video with a lifelike virtual actor --- that could even be yourself (you can create a custom avatar, depending on the plan.)

Best thing? You can create your own templates with "merge tags", that is, fields that vary according to the customer's behavior (like their name, for instance.)

Plus, the virtual actors speak and act so human-like, it's mind-boggling.

Who It’s For

Rephrase.ai's "Personalized Videos" is best for companies selling high-ticket products and services over the phone, email, or instant-messaging tools.

Top Features

  • This product has been tested and proven by giant corporations such as Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft to name a few.
  • Makes your customers feel important without losing the scale — Rephrase.ai will allow you to create and deliver videos that feel as personal as it gets, without ever facing a camera.
  • Connect with your customers on a deeper level when you create a custom avatar for the face of your business, to deliver personalized follow-up messages.
  • API capabilities so you can integrate your videos with any follow-up service you need.
  • Create your videos easily with a text script and synthetic voice, or a video recording of your own voice, and the avatar will follow.


Rephrase.ai's "Personalized Videos" come in three pricing plans.

  • Starter Plan: $100/month for 300 follow ups with up to 10 video templates.
  • Expert Plan: $500/month for 2000 follow ups with up to 50 video templates (and you can add your custom actors).
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for even more usage and more advanced features.

Get started with Rephrase.ai today.

🏆 WiseCut

Best for "Talking Head" Style Videos

WiseCut made it to #3 because it's one of those amazing services. It's the perfect tool for one of the most common types of videos out there: "talking head" videos.

You know, those videos with someone looking right into the camera, delivering their content in a spoken form.

So if you record your talking head videos, tutorials, podcasts, presentations, and so on and HATE editing...

WiseCut promises to give you a TON of your time back, by taking care of that problem for you... and even spicing your content up, by automatically creating jump cuts, subtitles, background music, and more.

Who It’s For

WiseCut is perfect for people who deliver their content with the "talking head" video format and want to stop wasting time editing those videos.

Top Features

  • Pay once, then never again — as I write these lines, WiseCut offers a lifetime deal that's a steal. Can't beat that!
  • Get rid of awkward silences by letting WiseCut identify and delete undesirable pauses automatically.
  • Turn up the engagement factor by automatically adding subtitles, adding background music with dynamic volumes (volume goes down when you speak), and auto "punch ins", which are quick zoomed in takes, to make the video more dynamic and interesting.
  • Get heard loud and clear with the automatic background noise reduction, so every word you speak is crystal-clear.
  • Conquer the world and translate your captions to English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Filipino, and German automatically (more to come soon).


WiseCut is offering a lifetime deal on their product, as I write these words. You can choose from three different tiers.

  • Tier 1: $69 lifetime deal for up to 4 hours of transcription & AI-powered video editing per month @ full HD resolution.
  • Tier 2: $129 lifetime deal for up to 10 hours of transcription & AI-powered video editing per month @ full HD resolution.
  • Tier 3: $249 lifetime deal for up to 20 hours of transcription & AI-powered video editing per month @ 4K resolution.

Get started with WiseCut today.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. GliaStudio - Best of the Best AI Video Maker
  2. Rephrase.ai - Best for Personalized Sales Follow Ups
  3. WiseCut - Best for "Talking Head" Style Videos

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



14-day free trial

Starts at $300/mo



Starts at $100/mo


14-day free trial

Starts at $69 (one-time)






Starts at $30/mo


Free Plan

Starts at $15/mo


30-day free trial

Starts at $29/mo

Here are the top 50 AI video makers we considered in this review:

  1. GliaStudio
  2. Rephrase.ai
  3. WiseCut
  4. Vedia
  5. Synthesia
  6. Lumen5
  7. Designs.ai
  8. Synths Video
  9. Runway ML
  10. Magisto
  11. RawShorts
  12. Viomatic
  13. InVideo
  14. Veed.io
  15. Pictory
  16. Wave.video
  17. Adobe Premiere
  18. Aivo
  19. Synthesis
  20. Muse.ai
  21. FlexClip
  22. Funimate
  23. Placeit
  24. Rocketium
  25. Moovly
  26. Article Video Robot
  27. Multimedia5
  28. Comovid
  29. Txttomedia
  30. GoDaddy Studio
  31. Kaspar
  32. Simon Says
  33. cre8tiveAI
  34. descript
  35. Peech
  36. WeAreNova
  37. Video Maker app
  38. StoryWave
  39. Video Enhance AI
  40. Twiddle
  41. Clipr
  42. Snackable
  43. Linius
  44. Toch.ai
  45. VideoKen
  46. Hour One
  47. NVidia Broadcast app
  48. FullCourt
  49. AnyClip
  50. GoPro Quik

Can AI Make and Edit Videos?

Artificial intelligence can create and edit stunning videos, although it doesn't quite get to the precision of a well-trained human. Even if the output is not quite there, it will save you about 90% of the time you'd spend working on creating and editing videos yourself.

What are AI Video Makers?

AI-powered professional video makers are the newest tools of the video industry, that use artificial intelligence technology to create and/or edit high-quality videos.

These tools usually can analyze data, detect keywords, transform text-based content into videos,automatically add transition effects or background music, and create amazing videos in a matter of minutes.

There are tools to create all kinds of video formats, with any video resolution, such as animated videos, demo videos, product videos, and any kind of professional-looking videos.

What to Look For in the Best AI Video Generator

Artificial intelligence video generators come with various features. You need to first figure out what it is you need help with: editing videos? Creating a ton of videos? Analysis of business videos?

Then you pick the one that serves your needs.

Why Choose AI Video Editing for your Business

Artificial Intelligence can create and apply video edits to video clips at a speed that no human could possibly dream of.

With the help of AI, you can even create personalized videos that follow up sales calls, with the clients names, on a huge scale. It's the ultimate business video tool.

You can create and edit incredible videos without going through the tiresome video editing process... your business and your marketing campaigns will thank you.

What are the Advantages of AI and Automated Video Editing Tools?

There are so many advantages it might be hard to know where to start.

The main thing is that, rather than working on a video project for countless hours, you could click a few buttons on an AI video creator, and it will do it in literally a matter of seconds.

They Save You Time –Video editing programs allow you to create videos without having to manually edit them. You can also use these programs to create videos without spending much time doing so.

They Save You Energy – Having to go through the trouble of doing the same repetitive tasks on every video can drive someone crazy.

They Save You Money – Many smaller companies and freelancers don't have the budget to hire professional video makers for their business, but a lot of them will have the budget to get access to AI video makers, and they require no experience in video making whatsoever.

What's the Best AI Video Maker App?

The best AI Video maker is GliaStudio, by Gliacloud.

AI Video Maker Software — Summary

AI video makers can be a great way to make and edits videos without breaking the bank.

To recap, the best AI video makers are:

  1. GliaStudio - Best of the Best AI Video Maker
  2. Rephrase.ai - Best for Personalized Sales Follow Ups
  3. WiseCut - Best for "Talking Head" Style Videos

Our top pick is GliaStudio because it offers so many options that you'll never run out of opportunities to create awesome videos that will convert more customers.

Further reading on ContentMavericks.com: Use AI video maker software in combination with our content template to create high converting text-to-video content. Or use one of these AI video makers to make a video for one of your landing pages, so you can convert more of your visitors into customers.

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