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"Spokespeople On Demand"


TalkingFaces lets you boost your website's engagement and conversions. 1-click to create customized, talking human faces + perfect lip-syncing + interactive call-to-actions. Give faces to your marketing.


  • Customizable human spokespersons
  • Synthesys voice technology
  • Unlimited videos and hosting


  • Limited facial expression customization
  • No offline functionality
  • Requires creative scripting

What is TalkingFaces?

TalkingFaces is an AI video maker where you can customize real human spokesperson videos, apply perfect lip-syncing in any language, and increase clicks, leads, and sales with engaging videos.

Our Verdict — Best AI Video Maker

Price: Starts at $57

The Best Part:

  • Seamless voice technology. TalkingFaces integrates cutting-edge voice synthesization for incredibly natural sounding speech that perfectly syncs with your spokesperson's lip movements.

The Worst Part:

  • Creative scripting required. To fully leverage TalkingFaces, you'll need to invest in crafting compelling scripts that resonate with your audience.

Get it if you want a simple way to boost online engagement, with lifelike spokesperson videos that are easy to create and deploy.

I recommend you start with the Commercial plan to get access to all features for a one-time fee of $97.

(30-day money-back guarantee)

Best For

TalkingFaces is best for digital marketers who want to captivate their audiences with innovative, engaging video content.

Top Features

  • Website overlay capability. TalkingFaces’ AI generated content can be overlaid on virtually any website, enhancing user engagement without the need for complex integrations.

  • One-click video creation. TalkingFaces simplifies the creation process, allowing for quick generation of new spokesperson videos with a single click.

  • Multilingual support. TalkingFaces offers support for multiple languages with perfect lip-syncing, making it possible for you to create content for any country or audience.

  • No technical skills required. TalkingFaces is designed for ease of use, requiring no technical expertise to create compelling video content.

  • Unlimited video hosting. TalkingFaces offers endless hosting for all your spokesperson videos, freeing up your storage and eliminating worries about space constraints.


TalkingFaces offers two pricing plans:

  • Personal: $57 one-time payment, for individual entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to add a unique, engaging human touch to their web presence.
  • Commercial: $97 one-time payment, for digital marketers, agencies, and freelancers offering innovative video marketing solutions to clients.

Try TalkingFaces today with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why should you use TalkingFaces?

TalkingFaces lets you add a personal touch to your digital content with minimal effort, engaging visitors with customized talking face videos that boost conversions and trust.

How does it work?

You simply choose a spokesperson model, select a voice, type your message, and TalkingFaces’ artificial intelligence brings your script to life with a lifelike avatar that can be overlaid on any webpage.

Will TalkingFaces work on a Mac or PC?

Yes, TalkingFaces works seamlessly on both Mac and PC, as it's a cloud-based platform accessible through any web browser.

Is TalkingFaces a one-time fee?

TalkingFaces offers its services for a one-time fee of $57 for the Personal plan and $97 for the Commercial plan, providing access to all its features without recurring charges.

What do customers love about TalkingFaces?

  • Audio-driven talking face generation that creates dynamic and realistic videos
  • Accurate lip movements and articulatory movement that enhance the audiovisual speech perception
  • Advanced speech processing that benefits speech recognition in various settings and situations
  • Its audiovisual models that leverage the dependencies between visual input and auditory perception for improved speech processing
  • Realistic talking faces that provide an engaging experience compared to auditory-only models
  • The ability to study audiovisual speech cues and their impact on speech processing in experimental studies and real-life settings
  • Its machine learning and pattern recognition powers to further enhance the talking face generation process
  • Attention to detail in creating realistic videos that mimic human voice and facial movements
  • Applicability in various cultural settings, ambiguous situations, and ecological situations where audiovisual speech cues play a crucial role
  • Promising future with the possibility of conducting naturalistic studies and exploring the differences between screen-based and real-life settings
  • Opportunities for research on aspects of language learning, audiovisual learning, and the role of contingency in learning
  • Customization options with a wide range of Azure Voices to choose from for generating talking faces
  • Comparative advantage over auditory-only speech processing by leveraging the interaction of voice and face-identity sensitive areas
  • Potential for emotional and cognitive control in speech processing through the use of realistic talking faces

The Bottom Line

TalkingFaces lets you:

  • Create professional-looking videos with virtual human avatars for marketing and content creation.
  • Generate realistic lip-sync and natural facial expressions for your virtual avatars.
  • Produce engaging videos quickly and easily, without the need for live actors or complex video editing.

You can get started with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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