How to Use AI to Write Articles in 5 Minutes (8 Steps)

by Chris Von Wilpert, BBusMan • Last updated March 5, 2024

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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In this post I’m going to show you how to use AI to write articles in less than 3 minutes, with writing that looks as good as this:

Here are the exact steps to do it:

1. Create a New Document in Frase

Go to Frase and navigate to the 'New document' button.

2. Select ‘AI Article Wizard’

Select the 'AI Article Wizard' to use Frase’s step-by-step guided process for creating a new article.

3. Add a Search Query

Within the AI Article Wizard, you’ll find a text field to enter your search query.

Note: This query should be focused on the main topic you wish to write about, in the form of one long-tail keyword that covers your content’s subject matter.

4. Generate Your Title

The next step is to generate a title for your document. Click ‘Generate titles with AI’ and let Frase come up with title ideas based on your query. Pick one title and hit ‘next’.

5. Add Topics

Add topics that are semantically related to your article. These topics will guide the AI in covering all necessary aspects of your subject.

6. Generate Your Outline

After setting your topics, proceed to generate an outline using Frase’s AI.

Note: A well-structured outline is key to a well-organized article. The AI will suggest headings and subheadings that structure your content. Feel free to tweak the outline to get the final structure that you want for your article.

7. Generate Instructions

Lastly, generate instructions for each heading in your outline.

Note: These instructions are like cues for the AI, directing it on what information should be included under each section of your article

8. Generate Your Article

Once you’re done adding instructions for the AI, click submit and wait for your article to be generated.

That’s it!

AI Article Writing Examples

Here are some examples of paragraphs I created following the above steps:

“A well-planned approach to writing is essential to produce a structured and coherent piece. This involves considering the questions your target audience might have and striving to answer them in a clear and concise manner. Gathering relevant facts and data is indispensable at this stage. A writer needs to source this information from reliable resources to lend credibility to their article.”

“Engaging in article writing implies creating various types of content that cater to different purposes and audiences. Among the multitude of article formats, three prominent types are expository, narrative, and opinion pieces. Each type is distinct in its intention, narrative style, and impact, serving as a different tool in the writer's arsenal to inform, entertain, or persuade readers.”

“Writing a remarkable article doesn't just happen by chance. It requires meticulous planning, a solid understanding of the target audience, and the execution of a well-thought writing process. The ability to convey valuable information or perspectives effectively rests upon the foundation of creating high-quality content. Your writing skills will be put to the test as you strive to organize your content in a way that resonates with readers. From crafting a compelling article headline to structuring the article body with precision, each aspect of your article must contribute to a coherent piece of writing that engages and informs.”

Can an AI write an article?

Yes, AI can write an article using large language models and AI-powered tools. Content generators like Frase can help you create high-quality content efficiently by streamlining the writing process for various types of content, including blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and more.

To begin with, here is a general article-writing process using AI-generated text:

1. Perform keyword research: Use relevant keywords from SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner to guide your topic selection. If you use Frase, use Google Keyword Planner or an equivalent tool to find one long-tail keyword for your article.

2. Generate ideas: Input these keywords into a language model or topic generator to produce potential themes or outlines for your article. Frase will suggest multiple titles based on your query (long-tail keyword).

3. Create the draft: Use an AI tool like Frase to generate an outline and sectional content based on your query, while maintaining a consistent tone of voice and style that works for your target audience — no manual input necessary.

4. Edit and refine: Use Frase's 'Rewrite' function by selecting the content you want to edit and let it spot and fix errors and factual accuracy before finalizing any piece.

Which AI tool is best for writing articles?

The best AI tool for writing articles is Frase. It streamlines the content creation process by leveraging artificial intelligence to generate original, high-quality content suitable for search engines and a wide range of platforms like your own website or blogging services like Medium and Substack.

Frase offers features that cater specifically to busy content writers, content creators, and content marketers, helping you not only generate an article from scratch but also come up with article ideas and outlines to put together a complete article. Your blog posts will be written based on target keywords or relevant topics that you choose, and Frase's AI will spit out content in line with your style and preferences — just make sure to add detailed instructions during the outlining process.

In addition to its powerful language model capabilities for long-form content generation, Frase also includes built-in plagiarism checker tools. This makes it an excellent choice for not only generating blog posts but also double-checking them for plagiarizing, helping you avoid any potential search engine penalties. 

Another key element that makes Frase the best is their user-friendly interface. It feels very intuitive and can fit into any content creation workflow, especially if you plan to publish multiple content pieces of original content a day. This allows you to focus more on refining and managing your work while leaving many tedious tasks like research, idea generation, and even heavy editing up to this advanced AI-powered tool.

Can I do content writing using AI?

Yes, you can do just that. AI for content writing can be a practical approach to enhance your efficiency and creativity as a writer, business owner, or marketer. By incorporating AI tools like Frase or other article generators, you can delegate repetitive writing tasks to the AI while focusing on tasks such as promoting and publishing content.

AI-generated content helps writers experiment with different styles and tones without spending too much time on manual drafting. This allows them to concentrate more on creating engaging narratives that connect with their audience without doing all the heavy lifting themselves.

Additionally, using AI-powered tools can help overcome writer's block by generating new ideas based on relevant keywords or topics. Writers can use these suggestions as inspiration for developing original stories covering complex subjects from fresh angles.

Can I use ChatGPT to write an article?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for writing articles by harnessing its AI-generated content capabilities. This powerful artificial intelligence tool supports content writers and article creators in generating high-quality, SEO-optimized text across a wide range of topics — with minimal effort.

ChatGPT excels at producing long-form articles, blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and more. By leveraging natural language processing technology and GPT models' strengths in understanding complex ideas and conversational tone nuances, it can make your writing tasks a breeze without sounding like AI. It's very stealthy and can mostly write just like human writers.

What is the best software to use AI to write articles?

We ranked and reviewed the best copywriting apps in this article.

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