FaceHub – Swap Faces With Anyone, Instantly

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"Swap Faces With Anyone, Instantly"


FaceHub is a full AI toolbox that creates incredible face swaps. Incredible results + all kinds of face swaps + full set of AI features. AI images have never been so much fun.


  • Super versatile
  • Access anywhere
  • Tons of templates


  • There’s a learning curve
  • Could be more flexible
  • Capped lower plans

What is FaceHub?

FaceHub is a deepfake platform where you can change faces on images and videos, with a few clicks.

Our Verdict — Best All-In-One Face Swapper

The Best Part:

  • Everything faceswap. FaceHub’s advanced algorithm delivers all kinds of killer face swaps. Video swaps, gender swaps, meme swaps, celebrity swaps, multi-face swaps… You can do it all.

The Worst Part:

  • Weak monthly plan. In order to get the full set of features FaceHub has to offer, you’ll need to get the Yearly plan for $39.99/year.

Get it if you want to create video face swaps.

(free trial)

Best For

FaceHub is best for content creators and small businesses who want to make their social media more engaged with outstanding face swaps.

Top Features

  • 1000+ templates. With a huge collection of templates, you can switch faces with a single click, and you don’t even have to go out and find ‘em.

  • AI toolbox. You get a ton of other AI tools such as the image generator, video generator, AI anime, AI portrait… For all your image needs.

  • Commercial rights. As long as you have rights to the media you’re using, all of your AI creations are yours to use as you wish.

  • Cost effective. You can get started for $9.99, and swapping faces doesn’t cost a dime. You can swap at will.

  • Blink and done. FaceHub is absurdly fast. Your video face swaps, for example, will take less than 3 seconds to get done.

What do customers love about FaceHub?

  • Creating funny videos for their social has never been easier with FaceHub's swap app and video editor tools
  • FaceHub lets users pretend to be movie stars by using magic face swap videos and video templates to insert themselves into classic movie clips
  • Transforming simple selfies into custom AI avatars or swap into favorite movie characters, thanks to FaceHub's advanced face processing capabilities
  • FaceHub's popular photo effects, to swap hair styles, testing wedding dress styles, and many other types of custom photos
  • Making fun graduation photos with realistic face swap videos
  • The ability to add AI-powered faces into their personal content, with the help of this automated platform
  • The app's user-friendly experience that turns newbies into AI video experts on a whim, by automating the video making process
  • The ability to turn their source video content and photos with popular photo effects 
  • Boosting the likeness of their personal content , such as simple selfie photos, with stylized photo filters
  • FaceHub’s incredible video and photo editing features power, coupled with its intuitive interface

The Bottom Line

FaceHub lets you:

  • Create all kinds of faceswaps with both video and photos.
  • Enjoy a ton of other AI image editing superpowers.
  • Not pay an arm and a leg to have access to ass kickin’ AI.

You can get started with a free trial.


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