FaceSwap – Face Swap Yourself onto Stock Images





"Face Swap Yourself Onto Stock Images"


FaceSwap lets you refresh your digital visuals with simplicity. 1-click to swap faces in videos and images + update old media easily + access a rich library of faces. Transform your content instantly.


  • Seamless face swapping
  • Extensive library of faces
  • One-time fee for unlimited use


  • Requires internet connection
  • Monthly credit limits on plans
  • No built-in video editing tools

What is FaceSwap?

FaceSwap is a digital face-swapping tool where you can swap faces in videos and images, create marketing content, and refresh old media with new faces.

Our Verdict — Best AI Face Swapping Tool

Price: Starts at $47

The Best Part:

  • Marketing on steroids. FaceSwap makes inserting people’s faces into other assets a walk in the park.

The Worst Part:

  • Monthly credit limits. FaceSwap's lifetime plans come with monthly credit limits, putting a leash on how many videos and images you can swap each month.

Get it if you want to stop losing money on stock images and videos, and instead, create fresh, engaging content in a flash.

I recommend you dive right into the Commercial plan for a one-time fee of $90.

(30-day money-back guarantee)

Best For

FaceSwap is best for content creators and marketers who want a unique way to revitalize and repurpose existing content for new campaigns.

Top Features

  • Instant face swapping. FaceSwap transforms a complex editing task into an easy process that only takes a few clicks, making professional-level face swaps accessible to everyone.

  • No more stock. FaceSwap creates fresh, engaging videos and images without the hefty price tag of new stock media.

  • Swift A/B testing. FaceSwap simplifies the process of testing different faces in your marketing materials, allowing you to quickly determine which best captures your audience’s interest.

  • Extensive face library. FaceSwap offers a selection of over 500+ faces to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect match for any video or image.

  • Beginner-friendly. FaceSwap's user-friendly interface lets anyone create deepfakes without any technical expertise.


FaceSwap offers two pricing plans:

  • Personal: $47 one-time payment, for individual creators and small businesses that want to spice up their content on a budget.
  • Commercial: $90 one-time payment, for professional marketers and content creation agencies that aim to generate personalized content at scale.

Try FaceSwap today with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I swap faces on iPhone?

Yes, FaceSwap is designed to be user-friendly across platforms, including iPhones, making face swapping a breeze wherever you are.

Is FaceSwap legal?

Absolutely, when used ethically for creating or modifying content with consent, FaceSwap is a powerful tool that’s both legal and innovative.

How to face swap online?

FaceSwap makes it simple: choose your video or image, pick the faces you want to swap, and voilà — you’ve got yourself a masterpiece in no time.

What are the applications of face swap?

From marketing and e-commerce to personal entertainment and education, the applications of FaceSwap are as limitless as your imagination. These include but aren't limited to advertising campaigns, social media content, customer engagement activities, and interactive learning materials.

What do customers love about FaceSwap?

  • High-quality results with realistic face swaps across images and videos
  • Precision in swapping facial features, ensuring a natural look
  • Ability to upload a wide range of face models, including historical figures, animated characters, and 3D models
  • Face swapping in family photos or group images for a fun experience
  • Its simple process with easy-to-use buttons for swapping, adding masks, and adjusting images
  • Quick processing time and options for batch processing source images
  • Options for stylized preset faces and the ability to work with both high-resolution and low-resolution images
  • It supports a variety of input and output sizes, from 64px to 512px images, catering to different needs
  • The ability to produce content for a range of applications, from fun content to engaging marketing campaigns
  • The blend of creativity and technology allowing for boundless creativity in content creation
  • How it enables the creation of personalized marketing experiences with target face images, boosting engagement
  • The fact that it facilitates amusing content, for people to experience funny moments through unique swaps
  • It streamlines the face swap feature with a simple click, making it accessible to users without technical skills
  • The quick access to a vast image space, including profile images and base photos, for swift content creation
  • It enables AI-generated content to maintain high-quality output across a wide range of resolutions

The Bottom Line

FaceSwap lets you:

  • Seamlessly swap faces in any video or image, saving you a boatload of time and dough.
  • Generate tailored visual content at the speed of thought, helping businesses and creators hook their audiences.
  • Jazz up your marketing with personalized content that’s highly effective in engaging customers.

You can get started with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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