7 Best Face Swap Apps 2023 (Reface Photos & Videos Fast)

by Chris Von Wilpert • Last updated September 28, 2023

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Today there are 163 different face swap apps. We spent 80 hours comparing the top 50 to find the seven best you can use to swap faces with. 

What is the best Face Swap App?

  1. DeepSwap — best of the best
  2. Face Swapper — best for beginners
  3. Reface — best for mobile devices
  4. B612 — best for designers
  5. Face Swap Live — best for real time swapping
  6. Facehub — best for video
  7. Snapchat — best free app

Our Verdict — Best Of The Best

Price: Starts at $9.99/month

DeepSwap is the best face swap app out there, because anyone can learn how to swap faces on their videos, memes, old movies, GIFs… All of that with remarkable quality.

The Best Part:

  • Freakin’ easy, freakin’ good. Deepswap is so easy that my mom could use it, while it delivers the highest quality deepfakes anyone can ask for. Killer combo.

The Worst Part:

  • Limited video and GIF uploads. Deepswap lets you upload unlimited still images, but you’ll be limited on how many videos and GIFs you can upload. On the other hand, after you’ve uploaded an asset, you can use it to create and download as many deepswaps as you wish.

Get it if you want the best face swaps out there with almost no effort at all.

I recommend you get the Yearly plan for $49.99 for the first year.

(two free deepswaps)

Best For

DeepSwap is best for anyone who wants to create quality face swaps.

Top Features

  • It’s in a whole different league. DeepSwap is fantastic. It combines a real simple to use interface with jaw-dropping results. MVP.
  • Unlimited swap goodness. You can upload as many pics as you want, while video and gif uploads have monthly limits. But once you’ve uploaded anything, you’re free to create as many swaps as you want.
  • Save big. When you stick with DeepSwap for a whole year, you’ll get a whopping 58% discount. You pay for what would be five months and get access for an entire year.
  • Multi-face swaps. Deepswap's AI can swap up to 6 faces in a single image or video, while many competitors can only do one or two at a time.
  • Choose your canvas. DeepSwap can swap faces on videos, GIFs, photos, cartoons, pictures… Your only limit will be your creativity. is best for anyone who wants to build the most engaged online community with easily searchable archives of all past content.


DeepSwap offers two pricing plans:

  • 1 Month: $9.99 for the first month, then $19.99/month for people getting started with AI image generation.
  • 12 Months: $49.99 for the first year, then $99.99/year for businesses that need to generate their AI images in the long term.

Annual subscriptions provide a 58% discount.

Try DeepSwap today with two free deepswaps.

Our Verdict — Best For Beginners

Price: Starts at $19/month

Face Swapper is best for people who want to get started with face swapping, because of its great 3-day unlimited free trial and how quick and easy it is.

The Best Part:

  • 3 day free unlimited trial. You can test Face Swapper for a whole 3 days without paying a single dime, and create as many face swaps as you want. Score!

The Worst Part:

  • Doesn’t work as well with face profiles. In order to work perfectly, you’ll need to use quality photos of people facing the camera directly, or else your swaps won’t be the greatest.

Get it if you want an easy to use option that comes with a “knock-yourself-out” trial.

I recommend you get started with the free trial, then get the Monthly plan ($19/month).

(free 3-day trial)

Best For

Face Swapper is best for beginners who want to learn what the rage with face swaps is all about.

Top Features

  • Highest face swap resolution. Face Swapper is able to create face swaps with 1024px, allegedly the largest resolution on the market, without losing quality in comparison to your source image.
  • Lighting fast. FaceSwapper will get it done in a few seconds. Click the button, and before you can say “face swap”, boom! You’ve got a swap.
  • Create your own models. You can create models for your projects, so you can always have the same faces and keep the brand identity in a couple of clicks. 
  • Multi-face capability. Face Swapper can replace several faces in the same picture.
  • API access. If you need to create swaps in bulk, you can get API access to power up your team, or even your own app.


Face Swapper offers three pricing plans:

  • Monthly: $19/month for beginners in the face swapping world.
  • Yearly: $99/year for those who want to create face swaps in the long run.
  • API: Custom pricing, for business owners.

The Yearly plan provides a 60% discount.

Try Face Swapper today with a free 3-day trial.

3. Reface

Our Verdict — Best For Mobile Devices

Price: Starts with a free plan

Reface is the best option for mobile devices because it’s incredibly fast, super high quality, and they come out with new content for you to create your swaps with every single day.

The Best Part:

  • New day, new face. Reface gets an update every single day, so you’ll never run out of new videos, gifs, and photos to create your face swaps with.

The Worst Part:

  • Gotta play to really play. If you want to upload your own content to create face swaps with, you’ll need to pay for the pro version.

Get it if you want a great face swapper right on your phone.

I recommend you get started with the free plan, then upgrade to the Pro Yearly plan for $29.99/year.

(free plan)

Best For

Reface is best for anyone who wants to create face swaps right out their phones and tablets.

Top Features

  • Become your idols. You can create funny videos, gifs and memes by swapping faces with characters from movies, TV shows, and others.
  • Meme it up. Reface is great for creating memes. Swap the faces, add text and stickers, and share original content on your social.
  • Create amazing avatars. You can create highly detailed, realistic looking avatars as good as a pro artist would create, to sweeten up your social media profiles.
  • New content every single day. Reface is updated every day with new videos, gifs, and photos you can use so you never run out of new ideas.
  • It comes along with you. You install this on your mobile, and it will always be available to you, anywhere you go.


Reface offers three pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever for anyone who wants to have fun swapping faces.
  • Pro weekly: $6.99/week for anyone who wants to create a few face swaps quickly.
  • Pro yearly: $29.99/week for anyone who wants to create a ton of face swaps.

Annual plans provide a 91% discount.

Try Reface today with the free plan.

Our Top Three Picks

Here’s a quick summary of our top three picks:

  1. DeepSwap — best of the best
  2. Face Swapper — best for beginners
  3. Reface — best for mobile devices

Here’s a quick comparison of our top seven picks:


Entry Offer



7-day trial for $1

Starts at $9.99/mo

Face Swapper

3-day free trial

Starts at $19.99/mo


Free plan

Starts at $6.99/wk


Free plan

Starts at $3.99/mo

Face Swap Live


Starts at $0.99


Free trial

Starts at $9.99/wk




Here are the top 50 face swap tools we considered in this review:

  1. DeepSwap
  2. Icon8 Face Swapper
  3. Reface
  4. B612
  5. Face Swap Live
  6. Facehub
  7. Snapchat
  8. YouCam Perfect
  9. Faceover
  10. AgingBooth
  11. FaceApp
  12. Face Swap Booth
  13. MRRMRR
  14. Funveo
  15. MixBooth
  16. Cupace
  17. Face Blender
  18. FacePlay
  19. iSwap Faces
  20. Jiggy
  21. Photo Face Swap
  22. Reflect
  23. FaceMagic
  24. Instagram
  25. Photomontage
  26. Meitu
  27. Copy Replace Face
  28. Face Swap App
  29. PhotoFunia
  30. FaceHub
  31. Lunapic
  32. FakeApp
  33. AvengeThem
  34. Way2Lip Model
  35. Wombo
  36. Face Swap Live app
  37. Instagram DeepFake Bot
  38. Deepfake Studio
  39. Morphin
  40. Speakpic 
  41. Celebrity Face Morph
  42. Anyface
  43. SneakPic Deepfake
  44. Face Switch
  45. FacePlay
  46. Mivita
  47. FakeMe
  48. SpeakPic
  49. Facelab Old Face
  50. Quyan

Is face swap deepfake?

Face swap can be considered a type of deepfake, as it involves using technology, such as deep learning techniques, to manipulate or alter images or videos. 

In a face swap, the software or algorithm replaces one face with another, resulting in a blended image or video. This process can be used to create realistic face swaps, or for more humorous purposes, such as funny face swaps. 

The quality of the input images, such as resolution and lighting, can also impact the realism of the final output. 

The use of face swap technology can be considered a fun photo editing activity, and the resulting images or videos can be stored in a photo library or shared with others through flexible photo sharing. Some applications may also offer photo filters, photo edits, and stickers for photos to further enhance the output.

How do you make realistic face swaps?

To make realistic face swaps, you can use technology for video and high-quality image generation. 

This can be achieved through the use of software or algorithms that utilize deep learning techniques, such as deepfake videos, to seamlessly blend two or more faces together in a single image or video. The end result should appear natural and not contain any noticeable discrepancies or artifacts. 

It’s important to note that the quality of the input images, such as the resolution and lighting, can also impact the realism of the face swap.

The Bottom Line

To recap, here are the best face swap software to try this year:

  1. DeepSwap — best of the best
  2. Face Swapper — best for beginners
  3. Reface — best for mobile devices
  4. B612 — best for designers
  5. Face Swap Live — best for real time swapping
  6. Facehub — best for video
  7. Snapchat — best free app

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