OpusClip – Turn 1 Long Video into 10 Shorts in 1-Click





"Turn 1 Long Video into 10 Shorts in 1-Click"


OpusClip lets you create shorts from your long-form videos with one click. All kinds of video sources + 25+ languages + amazing pricing. Time is money.


  • 1-click shorts
  • Exports directly to social media
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Could be more flexible
  • Advanced users may suffer
  • For talking videos, only

What is OpusClip?

OpusClip is an AI video editor where you can create social-media ready shorts with a single click, thanks to its incredible AI-powered technology.

Our Verdict — Best AI Video Short Generator

The Best Part:

  • Beyond easy. OpusClip offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that everyone gets the first time they see it.

The Worst Part:

  • Limited customization. More advanced users may find the customization options to be a bit limited, when compared to full-blown video editors.

Get it if you want to create shorts from your long form videos with a single click.

(free plan)

Best For

OpusClip is best for anyone who wants to create video shorts out of their existing long-form videos, with the help of an amazing platform.

Top Features

  • Editing for anyone. You can edit a wide range of video and audio formats, quickly trim and split them, to extract segments and remove unwanted bits.

  • Professional looks. Add transitions, auto subtitles, camera takes, and everything that will make your shorts look like a million dollars.

  • Fair prices. OpusClip has an surprisingly affordable pricing model, which makes it perfect for people and businesses on a budget, for more than a few minutes of video processing, every month.

  • Multi-track. OpusClip's multi-track timeline enables users to work with multiple video and audio tracks, for more complex editing projects.

  • Easy sharing. Once you’re done, you can export videos in many formats or even share them directly to your social media accounts.

What do customers love about OpusClip?

  • How easy it is to spice up your content with contextually relevant B-roll footage 
  • Relying on artificial intelligence to create viral videos, with tons of visual appeal, with all the trendy templates that are hot right now
  • Exporting their shorts straight to their social media platforms such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok and more, in 25+ languages
  • How easy this AI-powered video editing tool makes for content creators to create viral shorts from their existing video content
  • Having access to powerful features that you’d only have access to via expensive video editing tools such Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Effortlessly adding automated animated captions to all of their content output
  • The ability to bring old content to life again, with effortless content repurposing 
  • Enjoying high-production shorts for their IG Reels
  • Extracting all the captivating moments, conversational moments, engaging moments, funny moments, high-impact moments, highlight moments, to create shorts that showcase the best of you
  • Dynamic shorts, thanks to OpusClip’s tools like the filler silence removal,filler word removal tools, active speaker detection, customizable templates screen layout, and more
  • Having the ability to purchase additional processing time, when their monthly video processing time have expired
  • Developing a team workspace for their content creation process, and various types of content

The Bottom Line

OpusClip lets you:

  • Create b-rolls with almost no effort
  • Repurpose old content for social media
  • Create visually appealing viral videos

You can get started with a free plan.


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