PromeAI – Turn Sketches Into Photos & Videos

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"Turn Sketches Into Photos & Videos"


Prome AI is an AI-powered platform that lets you bring any level of creativity to life. Sketch rendering + art generator + video generator + many AI-driven creative tools. Brings your ideas to life.


  • Sketches come to life
  • Works with text prompts
  • Edit the output


  • Limited control
  • Eventual mistakes
  • Needs good input

What is Prome AI

Prome AI is an AI image generator where you can upload your sketches and turn them into unbelievable images.

Our Verdict — Best Sketch To Image AI Generator

The Best Part:

  • Pen and paper in, magic out. With Prome AI’s Sketch Rendering tool, you can turn simple sketches into many versions of images and videos (or turn images into sketches).

The Worst Part:

  • Inconsistent AI. Prome AI does a great job with turning sketches into realistic renders… but some other tools don’t offer the same output quality.

Get it if you want a bot that turns simple sketches into visual delicacies.

(free plan)

Best For

Prome AI is best for anyone who’d love to see what their rough sketches would look like in “real life”

Top Features

  • Prompt driven. You can describe what you want your sketch to become with text prompts, in the rare cases the AI can’t detect what you sketched.

  • Add some zest. You can click to add zest to your images with options like style, perspective, lighting, and more.

  • Many roads to take. Prome AI can generate realistic images, cartoons, anime, and videos for all your needs — no matter if you’re marketing your products, or if you just wanna look good on social.

  • Mix-o-matic. You can fuse two images together into a brand new one, with the Creative Fusion tool.

  • Take it away. With the Erase & Replace feature, you can replace or remove objects, people, and anything else in your images, easy-peasy.

What is PromeAI?

Prome AI is an AI image and AI video generator that enables you to turn rough sketches into art, create art from scratch, and edit — without being techy.

Is PromeAI free?

PromeAI offers a free-forever plan, with ten new credits per month. If you want more usage, you’ll have to get a paid plan.

What do customers love about Prome AI?

  • The ability to breathe life into their hand-drawn sketches, with a little hand from artificial intelligence
  • Having one software for both static images and video creation
  • Turning any sketch into images full of attention-grabbing visuals 
  • Product designers can test many design concepts and design variations 
  • Game developers can see 3D models of their creative projects with a low cost
  • Creating high-quality AI videos from text or source images
  • Elevating their product photography up a few notches, with many artistic styles, lifelike renderings, and many variations of images
  • Having a new approach to furniture design and architecture design 
  • Tattoo artists can create many vibrant tattoos in less time
  • Content creators can enjoy the vibrant community of 2+ million users
  • Content writers can have stunning AI-generated content to go with their articles
  • Having high-quality realistic renderings of whatever they can imagine, bringing any ideas into reality 
  • Enjoying groundbreaking video generation technology
  • Having more design options available with less cost
  • Using it as a boost for their creative process
  • Adding ideal backgrounds to their images, with AI-generated content
  • Tapping into boundless creativity, thanks to the limitless possibilities Prome AI offers
  • Book makers can create thrilling fantasy book covers on a snap
  • Turning regular shots into elegant profile pictures
  • The ability to create breathtaking AI-generated images
  • Depending less on graphic designers to have artistic images created
  • Feeling like having supernatural powers, thanks to this AI-powered online tool
  • Building an exclusive, massive stock image library

The Bottom Line

Prome AI lets you:

  • Create stunning visuals from simple sketches.
  • Generate fantastic and photorealistic images at will.
  • Create high-quality videos from scratch.

You can get started with the free plan.


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