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"SEO Tool for Bloggers to Rank #1"


RankIQ lets you create content that ranks on the first page. 1-login for your community + courses + events + recurring billing. Simplify your life.


  • Full-blown SEO toolbox
  • Content optimization
  • DFY keyword research


  • No free trials
  • Unclear-ish pricing on site
  • Could be more granular

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an AI SEO tool where you can create, optimize, and rank your content on page one of all search engines. AI powers + content optimization + competitor analysis. It makes SEO almost too easy.

Our Verdict — Best SEO Tool For Bloggers

The Best Part:

  • AI SEO powers. Estimate how long it will take to rank, find the topics you should include in your article, craft the perfect titles… you can optimize your entire SEO tactics with the help of RankIQ’s AI.

The Worst Part:

  • Flexibility. RankIQ makes it easy for anyone to do SEO. More advanced users who are used to tools like Semrush or MOZ, for example.

Get it if you want to create new content or optimize your existing content so you can rank higher.

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Best For

RankIQ is best for freelancers, agencies, and small businesses that want to get more traffic from Google.

Top Features

  • Hand-picked keyword library. RankIQ does the heavy lifting of keyword research for you, with a library full of keywords that are organized by niche, keyword difficulty, and more.

  • Optimize your content. Get a thorough analysis of the top-ranking pages for any given keyword, along with actionable suggestions on how to rank higher, with relevant keywords, LSI keyword, ideal word count, and more.

  • Content planner. Set monthly goals for your content creation and content updating processes, to make sure you’re always moving forward with your content production.

  • Find new topics. With the “Topics Google Wants You To Cover” report, you find topics that are super-relevant to any given keyword — which helps you structure and create content with more relevance.

  • Something old, something new. RankIQ can help you both with new content pieces and with old ones, helping you optimize your blog easily.

Who is the CEO of RankIQ?

The CEO and founder of RankIQ is Brandon Gaille, who’s a fellow blogger and an SEO expert.

Does RankIQ have a free trial?

RankIQ does not offer free trials. You can get started with the Blogger Plan at $49 per month.

What is the difference between Ubersuggest and RankIQ?

Ubersuggest a powerful SEO tool for general use. Domain analysis, competitor research, and backlink tracking are examples of what it can do. RankIQ, on the other hand, is a powerful tool for bloggers and content editors who want to find opportunities to rank higher.

What is the difference between Keysearch and RankIQ?

Keysearch is a keyword research and competitor analysis tool, for discovering low-competition keywords. RankIQ is for bloggers and content creators who want to rank on the first page. It’s an all-in-one search engine optimization tool that streamlines content creation and keyword research.

What do customers love about RankIQ?

  • RankIQ’s straightforward pricing structure
  • Not having to do manual keyword research again
  • Easily finding the lowest competition keywords
  • An all-in-one search engine optimization tool to streamline content creation and keyword research
  • Letting RankIQ pose as an invaluable tool for both newbie and experienced bloggers’ SEO strategy
  • RankIQ sits alongside some of the highest-rated SEO tools out there, with a difference — this is one of the most affordable SEO tools. It’s monthly price is a fraction of what the most popular SEO tools charge
  • How RankIQ's keyword library takes the guesswork out of keyword research, with comprehensive lists of low-competition, high-traffic keywords for almost every blog niche out there
  • Getting help from the content optimizer tool, to craft high-quality content optimized for search engines 
  • Saving time and elbow grease in the whole content creation process
  • Using the content briefs tool for a list of topics and potential keywords to cover, so that your blog posts climb search engine rankings faster
  • Optimizing their blog titles with the Title Analysis tool, with the right type of content for search engines and with higher click-through rates
  • The chance to resuscitate underperforming posts with targeted content optimization, for unlocking organic traffic potential
  • Streamlining the keyword research process, eliminating the need for content publishers to rely on multiple keyword tools, thus saving time
  • Writing better content with its “Content Grade” artificial intelligence tool
  • Using the keyword research tool to find low-competition keywords and keyword phrases that make their blog posts realize more of their potential traffic
  • Ensuring all content feels natural, free from keyword stuffing
  • Having access to RankIQ's comprehensive keyword database, and getting lists of keywords for all their projects 
  • Relying on the Title Analysis to craft click-worthy blog post titles
  • The Graded Content feature when running a content analysis within RankIQ’s writing tool
  • Direct integration with Google Search Console
  • Increase their site’s domain authority and monthly search volumes

The Bottom Line

RankIQ lets you:

  • Find keyword lists for your favorite niches.
  • Enjoy an amazing AI-based search engine optimization tool.
  • Rank your content in more SERPs.

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