TTSMaker – Text-to-Speech in Over 100 Languages

Expert Verified by Leandro Langeani, BBA

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"Text-to-Speech in Over 100 Languages"


TTSMaker lets you create AI text-to-speech with a whopping price tag of zero dollars. Many languages + many voices + free forever plan. Easy AI voices for everyone.


  • 100+ voices to choose from
  • Always free
  • Speech humanization features


  • Some voices sound robotic
  • Not super flexible
  • Simple & easy

What is TTSMaker?

TTSMaker is a text to speech software where you can transform your scripts into voice overs, for free.

Our Verdict — Best Free Text To Speech Software

The Best Part:

  • Choose your voice. You get over 100+ voices to choose from, with different languages, gender, and accents, to always find the right tone.

The Worst Part:

  • Hiccups. Some languages or dialects have fewer options or less natural-sounding voices compared to more widely spoken languages.

Get it if you want to create AI generated voices without opening up your wallet.


Best For

TTSMaker is best for anyone who needs to create quality voice overs… for free.

Top Features

  • Anything audio. Voiceovers, radio spots, audiobooks… Anything is possible with TTSMaker.

  • You own it. You retain full copyright and commercial rights to every single piece of audio you create with TTSMaker.

  • No pain. TTS maker is completely free, and you don’t even have to create an account and give them your email address. Score!

  • Make it work. With the “More Settings” feature, you can tweak voice speed, pitch, volume, and quality, to make sure it’s just right.

  • Make it human. You can add pauses in your text, pick the length, and make the speech sound even more genuine.

What do customers love about TTSMaker?

  • Having access to a free speech tool with unlimited usage and a large variety of voice styles
  • How easy it is to make speech conversions with this online tool.
  • Content creators love TTSMaker’s natural-sounding speech
  • The user-friendly interface that makes content creation a breeze.
  • The high-quality audio of this artificial intelligence online service
  • The wide range of style voices with lifelike speech that this voice generator offers
  • Speech API services which allow you to enjoy speech online in your preferred language
  • The diversity of voice choices and editable voice options which allow for creation of high-quality, hyper-realistic voices
  • Mimicking natural speech patterns with the help of TTSMaker’s Customizable Speech Parameters feature
  • Its advanced voice AI models. The diversity of voice choices and editable voice options are remarkable
  • How easy it is to create a wide variety of content pieces, from digital content to educational content, even language learning material, and generate ready-to-publish content
  • It works with different audio file formats, including files in MP3

The Bottom Line

TTSMaker lets you:

  • Create high-quality voiceovers for all your needs.
  • Own your audio content with full commercial rights.
  • Tweak and humanize your AI voiceovers.

You can get started for free.


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